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Cross-tainting in preparing, bundling, stockpiling, and transport in halal gracefully chain

Kamisah Supian, in Preparation and Processing of Religious and Cultural Foods, 2018

16.3 Risks of cross-tainting

Halal food gracefully chain has been uncovered with numerous dangers that would influence the halal food flexibly chain trustworthiness. One of the dangers is cross-pollution among halal and non-halal food items. Halalmak  Cross-pollution happens when halal food item has an immediate contact with non-halal food or nonfood item (Chaudry and Riaz, 2013). Eliasi and Dwyer (2002) clarified that food is viewed as halal or haram by taking a gander at the entire evolved way of life.


Past examinations contended that the dangers associated with halal flexibly chain will expand the chance of the food items abandoned halal to haram (Ackerley et al., 2010; Khairulzaman et al., 2013). The occurrences of food promoted as halal yet neglecting to meet halal necessities have prodded interest for real halal items (Omar et al., 2013). Already, customers thought uniquely about halal food, however now buyers understand that halal incorporates the whole flexibly chain from sourcing of crude materials to the assembling, moving, putting away, and taking care of. This is because of rising issues during the taking care of cycle, and subsequently, influences the halal status of the item, particularly when they are in direct contact with non-halal items.

As of late, halal realness issue turned into a significant worry in the halal food industry. Numerous cases were accounted for overall including debasement of haram or mushbooh fixings in food creations. For instance, The Muslim Council of Britain (MCB) has cautioned that up to 90% of the meat and poultry sold as halal in the United Kingdom (UK) may have been sold wrongfully and not butchered by the necessities of the Muslim confidence. As indicated by Pointing and Teinaz (2004), exchange unlawful food (Haram) is the third biggest illicit exchange the UK, assessed to be worth up to £1bn every year. Such wrongdoings undermine general wellbeing, disregard individuals’ strict convictions, misuse their trust, and habitually include cold-bloodedness to creatures (Ahmed, 2008).

Plus, with the change in present day science and innovation, food had gone through numerous cycles and were shipped to various pieces of the world, which has raised worry among Muslim buyers and prompted their interest, concerning whether the handled food contain any haram substances. Over the most recent couple of years, disclosures identified with pork and grease being blended in food and food items have surfaced. In increasing extra financial benefit, food makers will in general blend pork and grease in their food items lastly guarantee it as halal items. A few confirmations have been discovered, for example, pork DNA is found in halal jail meats in UK (Salama, 2013) and blend of pork and grease in a few items specifically cakes definition (Syahariza et al., 2005), chocolate plan (Che Man et al., 2005), meatball (Ali et al., 2012; Rohman et al., 2011a), and vegetable oils (Rohman et al., 2011b). This misdescription of food substance can either be deliberate or accidental pollution. Consequently, this paper will zero in on such issues of cross-sullying in food preparing, bundling, stockpiling, and transports.

Joe M. Regenstein, in Encyclopedia of Food Chemistry, 2019


The genuine and halal food guidelines administer the food prerequisites of rehearsing Jews and Muslims. These laws require food organizations and foodservice suppliers that desire to serve these business sectors to likewise meet these guidelines. Consequently, most look to acquire a confirmation that permits them to promote the items and administrations that they have met the pertinent prerequisites of the certifier. Despite the fact that sometimes accreditation requires total and consistent inclusion of an office, most affirmation is done on an arbitrary visit investigation framework. Consequently, given both the intricacy of the worldwide food flexibly and the potential for misrepresentation when investigators are absent, it is helpful to have explanatory compound tests to decide potential consistence issues.


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